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Kayleen Haberkorn - Impact Fulfillment Services

Kayleen Haberkorn

Chief Financial Officer

I’m thrilled you found our blog here at Impact Fulfillment Services…

On this blog, we share our experience and expertise related to opens in a new windowco-packing, warehousing, and transportation. To serve your business objectives, we will keep you informed of the “what”, “how”, and the “why” of your market. 

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Why Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging is Important

Why Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging is Important

The pharmaceutical industry caters to millions of people worldwide. It’s nearly impossible to find a household that doesn’t have at least one pharmaceutical in it, no matter its purpose. Without secondary packaging, it would be impossible to know if the medications you’re taking are sterile and at a dosage that corresponds to the label.

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How to Leverage 5S in Contract Packaging

How to Leverage 5S in Contract Packaging

Mark Selvey discusses How to Leverage 5S in Contract Packaging. These Japanese words are an essential part of any improvement ideology. These improvements can come by way of safety, organization, or standard shifts. When it comes to implementing these improvements we recommend starting with 5S.

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