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Contract Packaging Services

IFS has you covered with our turn-key contract packaging services, whether you have a new product, redesign, rebranding, or relaunch. Free up your time and operations by leveraging our years of experience servicing brands from the smallest startups to the largest club stores…

Turn-Key Services

  • In-House Design – Design services to get your ideas off the ground and shipping to customers
  • In-House Equipment – All processes can be performed with our in-house equipment.
  • Distribution – Leverage distribution and transportation services to put your product in front of the consumer.

Flexible Operations

  • Substrate Neutral – No limitations on what kind of substrate you bring to a project.
  • Venue Agnostic – Offering contract packaging services within your facilities if required.
  • Platform Capable – Integrate and connect into virtually any platform and support all file types.

Quality Assurance

  • Concept to First Run – One lead person takes you from quote to implementation for quality control purposes.
  • Representative Accessibility – No silos means better customer service and expedited decision-making.
  • Innovative Technology – You have access to our smart dashboards for real-time product data.

IFS has created a model that allows you to work with one organization for all contract packaging services, from concept to consumer…


Contract Packaging Services Specialties:

  • Heat Shrinking
  • Shrink Banding
  • Blister Sealing
  • RF Sealing
  • Display Sub-Assembly
  • Combination of Product
  • Re-Labeling Product
  • PDQ Shelf Programs
  • Pallet Displays
  • Graphic Alternatives
  • Structural Engineering Support

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Contract Assembly

Contract assembly can mean many different things and can cover many different scenarios. At Impact, we have not only the expertise but the real-world experience to create customized contract assembly solutions to your needs. From design all the way through flawless implementation, we expertly analyze, optimize and manage your requirements … so all you need to do is tell us how it’s coming in, what has to happen to it, how fast you need it and which customer it’s going to. We seamlessly integrate our IT systems to yours, so that we become an extension of your operation for a broad variety of assembly functions we specialize in …

  • Heat shrinking
  • Shrink banding
  • Blister sealing
  • RF sealing
  • Display sub-assembly
  • Combination of product
  • Re-labeling product

Product Launches

Product Launches are critically important to brand marketers, strategic planners and top management at Consumer Packaged Goods companies, because new products are the lifeblood of their future. But while terrific looking displays and powerful graphics can drive customer interest, fulfillment is often the most important factor in the success of a new product.

If the fulfillment of product launch displays isn’t executed perfectly and on time, everything about the launch promotional plan is adversely affected, meaning that planned expenditures tied to multi-million dollar television and print advertising campaigns can be wasted or sub-optimized.

Impact uses its broad capabilities to expertly implement product launches, with a combination of great design, flexible manufacturing, absolute inventory accuracy, comprehensive forward planning, 100% Quality Assurance and national distribution capability. IFS handles multiple promotional launches throughout the year, every year, and every product launch project is tracked with a tight, coordinated schedule and high visibility from IFS corporate executives. Impact works closely with every customer in every client department, to assure all activities stay on strategy, on time and on budget.

Multi-channel Programs

Today’s retail environment is in an almost constant state of flux. Consumers are now able to find the products they want in a greater number of retail locations than ever, so the most successful companies must adjust their marketing and promotional efforts to take full advantage of the changing retail landscape.

Impact Fulfillment Services has first-hand experience and extensive history with every channel of distribution your products will likely appear in. Our expertise across multiple channels means we clearly understand each unique display and shipping platform required by each channel. Whether your customer is a big box retailer with 1000 stores, a club store with 200 locations, a Drug store chain with 5000 stores or a specialty retailer with 20 sites … or all of the above … Impact can meet your logistics and distribution needs.

When you need experts you can depend on … experts that have successfully placed promotional programs across multiple channels time after time … look to Impact for successful execution you can count on.

Club Store Programs

The national growth and expansion of Club Stores has altered the retail landscape like no other new channel. Moreover, real consumer spending continues to show just how important this channel will be for IFS customers, who must create programs that take maximum advantage of the intricacies inherent in Club Store selling.

Every Club Store account has uniquely different requirements, so you need a partner that knows exactly how to create successful programs in every location. How can Impact be a valued asset in a world of big packaging, oversized clamshells and huge graphic panels? By addressing the very unique specifications of Club Stores with hands-on development experience in:

  • PDQ Shelf Programs
  • Pallet Displays
  • Graphic Alternatives
  • Structural Engineering Support

We use a variety of materials and processes such as:

  • Heat shrinking
  • Shrink banding
  • Blister sealing
  • RF sealing
  • Corrugated
  • Clamshells

For products that need to be:

  • Reduced
  • Reused
  • Recycled

At Impact, we get it. And we get it especially right in Club Stores.

Quality Assurance

Impact Fulfillment Services is committed to providing quality product and services that are designed to meet each customer’s unique needs, specifications and requirements. We will utilize a documented Quality Management System to ensure our customer’s products are produced with the highest level of quality possible to meet their requirements. Our highly trained employees will meet and exceed our customer expectations via organizational teamwork, effective communication, working closely with our customers and continually improving overall work processes. We will utilize our customer supplied specifications along with our industry experience to consistently supply finished products and information satisfying our customer expectations.

Material Reconciliation

Where appropriate, in agreement with our customer, Impact Fulfillment Services will identify components and products by suitable means in our operation and ensure traceability within our system. System driven Material reconciliation occurs for each production session, only after Impact personnel verify that your item was produced to exact specification and that all material usage is in balance can it continue through the process.

In-Line Lot Coding

Impact Fulfillment utilizes fully validated equipment that ensures our customer’s product carries their unique lot code number that ensures 100% traceability within the supply chain in the event you ever have this need. The status of product lot coding application will be in accordance with all applicable regulations and customer requirements.

Positive Release

Shipping of finish good does not commence until Impact personnel completes our material reconciliation process, our Quality department reviews all batch records for completeness and accuracy to specifications, assembly instructions and product yield before we positive release the product for shipment. System releases are electronically sent to shipping personnel who then ship the product in time to meet our customers’ demands.

Self Improvement Process

Impact Fulfillment will continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and our overall process through the use of the quality policies and objective, mission and quality statement, internal and external audit results, analysis of relevant data, and our CAPA (corrective and preventive actions)program. Impact Fulfillment will take appropriate action to eliminate the root causes of nonconformities when they occur in order to prevent recurrence. The magnitude and extent of the corrective actions shall be appropriate to the occurrence (risk, repetition, customer impact, cost) of the nonconformities encountered. A documented procedure shall be established to define requirements for this improvement action that will ensure completeness of the improved process and that the change will not impact current validated procedures.

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