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Kidde Residential & Commercial is the world’s leading supplier of portable fire suppression and detection equipment to retail and commercial customers. We emphasize product quality and customer delivery performance as key business metrics. Many of our products are packed to order to meet customer-changing demand.

In 2006, we had major orders that required expedited delivery. We called up Impact to assist us with our pack to order schedule. They quickly proposed to expand their capacity to meet our demand. Long lead delivery of tooling to Impact jeopardized the delivery schedule, so Impact immediately stepped in, brought their pack team into the Kidde facility and met the pack to order schedules using our equipment until theirs was ready.

We would never have been able to meet the demand schedule without Impact’s assistance. In a business where the products we provide to our customers help to protect property and save lives, I believe that the quick response of Impact helped us to meet our Mission Statement.

Bob Strople
Vice President of Global Operations

My experience working with Impact Fulfillment Services has been wonderful. I find that I get the service I need from the time my shipment request is made until the shipment has been loaded on the truck and is on its way. The individuals I deal with are top notch professionals in their service with my needs at all times. If I send in an email request, I get a quick response and they are there to assist me every time. The communication between Impact and I is great, and they are very concerned about our products and if we are satisfied with their services. Impact has a great respect for their customers and I am glad that Qualicaps, Inc. is a customer of Impact.

Kimberly Miller
Shipping Coordinator

We at Revlon are keenly aware that quality, efficiency, speed to market, and providing a professional environment with external suppliers is essential to meet our business needs.

Impact Fulfillment Services is #1 on our list in providing these requirements. Whomever we entrust to produce and ship our promotional and cabinetry business directly to our accounts is critical to our success. Impact fulfills this service not only as a partner, but more as an extension of Revlon’s business model. “They do what they do best”.

For example: Most recently we had an opportunity to promote one of our new products on the most watched football game of the year. This event was approved ten days before the advertisement was to be aired on national television. Within seventy- two hours IFS had the promotion packed and directly shipped to our customers’ stores.

In short: IFS is not only flexible, but responsive at a competitive cost which exceeds all expectations. IFS should have a “P” in front of their logo for “PARTNERSHIP”.

Michael C. De Vivo
Director of Supply Chain Management