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Warehouse & Distribution

Impact Fulfillment Services utilizes state-of-the-art warehouse control systems to operate all its facilities. With over 4.5 million square feet of floor space, Impact is one of the premier third-party logistics providers in the United States. Our logistics culture here at Impact is based on a constitution that holds Inventory accuracy as the primary basis for our warehouses’ existence. We empower all our associates to work in an atmosphere where concise inventory accuracy is regarded as a service that is second to none. Accuracy and timely service are institutional imperative at Impact. This service level is echoed by every Impact client and is readily available in the testimonial section of this site. The conciseness of our warehouse’s material movements and consistently high levels of inventory accuracy, a metric that never falls short of 99%, is the primary reason our clients remain loyal. Each facility has a single deep narrow aisle rack, all locations are assigned RF-controlled bar code locations, and every power lift is equipped with an RF scanning unit. Every material movement transaction is tracked and audited for accuracy daily. All Impact Facilities feature state-of-the-art 24 / 7 Video Monitored Camera Surveillance systems. All entry points are controlled by electronic card access, and employees are restricted to access only their assigned work centers. All facilities are gated and controlled by our professional security team. At Impact, nothing is left to uncertainty as we conduct daily inventory match reports with most clients and can provide same-day inventory reconciliations upon request.
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With its extensive facilities covering over 4.5 million square feet, Impact Fulfillment Services has the capacity to fulfill and distribute any size of program needed. That’s why so many national and global brands choose IFS to handle their most time-sensitive and labor-intensive projects. We have the professionally managed warehousing space available to handle any project efficiently and cost effectively, no matter what timeframe you’re working with.

Every item that comes through the Impact system is assigned its own distinct License Plate Number (LPN) for tracking purposes. With 100% bar code scanning capability, IFS is structured to maintain close track of every LPN inventory element throughout the logistics and fulfillment process. Using our High Bay and Bulk storage areas, we know everything about each LPN item at all times, so our client partners are always aware of what is in our possession. Continuous quality checks are also part of our warehousing processes, to assure 100% integrity of all materials entering and leaving the IFS warehouse complex.

Beyond physical warehousing, IFS also maintains electronic records warehousing of all project transactions for long-term reference and analysis. We provide our customers with technology tools that enhance supply chain management and provide 100% visibility of inventory. Access to proprietary client data is strictly secured and available to our client partners only through password-protected systems designed into our system, which is security-monitored on a 24/7 basis.

Accountability and timely service is the cornerstone of our warehouse control system (WCS) here at Impact. All of our service centers come equipped with real time bar coded scan controls, where customized icon driven touch screens execute the movement of your merchandise in a controlled, concise, and efficient manner. Password security access, real time transactions, and toll gate style transaction controls are all instituted as ways to provide our customers merchandising solutions a greater level of accountability and confidence. Temperature controlled warehouse centers are available if needed as we currently partner with several medical and pharmaceutical clients who demand regulated temperature settings along with temperature monitoring equipment to assure their merchandise remains within the appropriate ranges. Our team will customize a process that allows concise and timely receipt of your merchandise and build in the flexibility needed for the future growth of your business.


All delivery appointments are scheduled, and we build in real time system interfaces with all of our clients to add another layer of certainty to our partnerships. In addition Impact has 96 receiving dock doors and a state of the art RF bar code scanning process that makes us ready to receive and store all of your materials in a timely and accurate fashion. Incoming inspections, including specification checks are available and can be added to your client service agreement if requested.


All Impact Facilities are equipped with a state of the art 24 / 7 Video Monitored Camera Surveillance system, all entry points are controlled by electronic card access and employees are restricted to access in only their assigned work centers. All facilities are gated and controlled by our professional security team and both inbound and outbound dock operations are kept separate from employee and pedestrian parking lots.


Impact knows how to ramp up for peak promotional launch periods. We have received 600 pallets per day of inbound raw materials and shipped in excess of 2700 pallets per day of finished goods. We have 51,000 pallet storage positions, 96 dock doors, and room for 250 drop trailers.

Storage & Handling

Each of our buildings come equipped with narrow aisle racked storage, swing reach power lifts, and of course guided floor wire control to ensure your merchandise is moved accurately and without fear of damage. With over 4.5 million square feet of active warehouse space, executing your supply chain business time lines, or new business acquisitions are never a problem. New product launches and promotions are always a seamless event. Daily inventory reconciliation with our clients is part of our business philosophy where we design business solutions that are transparent to both partners. In addition, key performance indicators are developed and shared with clients so that you are keenly aware that you are being serviced in a cost effective manner.

Warehouse Control System

The warehouse control system provides real time transactions and has client specific access controls and user specific log on and password security so there is never a risk of mixing materials of finished merchandise between customers. Commodity storage applications can be built into your client service agreement to assure any specific storage control applications are executed.

Capacity (Racked VS Bulk)

Impact can provide 51,000 pallet storage positions for your merchandise. Each of our storage facilities provides racked as well as floor storage. We currently have over 7000 racked storage pallet positions available for your merchandise.

Inventory Control

At Impact Fulfillment Services, complete inventory control is one of our core strengths. We annually handle countless millions of dollars of customer product and materials, and we are able to account for every last item al all times. In fact, a recent customer inventory audit showed 99.7% accuracy, confirming what we know … our state-of-the-art system is second to none when it comes to pinpoint accuracy of inventory.

Our inventory control systems save our client partners time and money, with radio frequency processing that uploads to our system immediately, providing full visibility for all program elements. Our fully coordinated conveyor and packing systems assure maximum productivity, while our comprehensive inventory forecasting system helps manage inventory levels while achieving desired service level requirements. In addition, we perform continual cycle counting to ensure inventory accuracy.

IFS is dedicated on assuring that all of the valuable inventory in our system is highly protected at all times, with 24/7 security systems that include restricted card-swipe access, internal and external video surveillance, motion detectors and fire control systems. IFS continues as an industry leader in assuring optimal inventory control for all of our customer programs.

Daily cycle count audits are performed by an internal control department that is separate from the warehouse operation and report directly to the owner to assure accuracy metrics are objectively assessed. Most of our clients remain long term partners and conduct independent statistical analysis audits on a timely basis and we have maintained a minimum accuracy level of 99% for the past eight years.

Warehouse Control System Integration

Our system is capable of scanning 32 different bar code applications, including European applications, and as we install our own access points and provide for our own frequency checks setting up an additional center to provide for any acquisition can normally be done within a few days.

Radio Frequency Scanning

Impact provides bar coded “License Plate Identifiers” or LPN’s to provide full accountability as your materials are 100% scan controlled when they are received, produced, and move within the facility.

Order Fulfillment

At Impact our logistics’ staff can become an extension of your order process team or we can design an order process flow that infuses our capital and technology to deliver best in class performance in cost, service, and flexibility. Our plan will be organized such that we keep a close eye on your business cycles and any distribution tendencies that may impact your supply chain demands, incorporating extremely flexible systems that allow ramping up for launches and promotions but never surrendering our cost controls during peak or lull periods or for that matter during any of your supply chain cycles.

System Integration

Enabling your business migration is the building and developing of a human organization, combined with our order process technology thus creating a hands on process team that becomes intimate with all of your business necessities.

Pick & Pack

We are familiar with all types of order fulfillment process engineering, from full pallet distribution, too case pick, to broken case pick, as we currently provide these applications of these for our current roster of clients.

Customer Compliance

Impact understands and deals with the complexity of vendor compliance demands on a daily basis as some of our current partner’s ship to mass, drug, dept store, and warehouse centers throughout the country. From label placement, to sort and segregate, to color coding, impact deals with the directives and has access to most current compliance manuals for all of the major retail centers.


In addition we prepare cross-dock orders that can be shipped direct to a mass or drug distribution centers (DC), or ship direct to any customers’ location. In addition we conduct business on a regular basis with truckload freight brokers, small parcel shippers, Air, rail, parcel post, and international freight forwarders. Inclusive to our team are several associates that are skilled and certified as IATA / DOT professional’s cable of regulating your freight in the best prescribed manner relative to the aforementioned regulations. We can approach your business needs by managing your current network of carriers and apply your existing standards or we can engineer a freight solution that will execute your present cartage volume with best in class service to you or too your customers.

Lean Distribution

Lean distribution principals are applied to all process centers here at Impact and our associate’s are constantly charged with removing non-value add activities and looking to uncover synergies in your business centers that will improve service, reduce operating expenses ,and streamline your operations.

Combining state-of-the-art technology, proprietary logistical systems and long-term expertise in the distribution industry, Impact acts as a single-source provider that helps you grow your business across a broad variety of marketing and promotional initiatives. With over 55,000 pallet locations and 96 dock doors, we are uniquely prepared to deliver what you need, where you need it … on time and on budget.

IFS handles both LTL and Full Truck Load shipments every day, processing the receipt, control, sorting, selecting and packaging, order selection and end delivery of goods and products. Our qualified team of logistics and fulfillment experts efficiently manage thousands of products that flow through our doors each and every day, because our proven inventory accuracy allows for accurate material pulls at all times. Impact is also fully EDI capable, enabling us to integrate with existing order processing and inventory management systems of any size customer. Our proprietary software allows us to create forms and inventory tracking processes based on each client’s existing system, making it simple to work with IFS – we take care of it all, so there’s no complicated software to incorporate and no aggravating problems to deal with.


Here at Impact we understand the critical nature associated with order fulfillment and our management team will develop the needed “Key Performance Indicators”( KPI’s) required to assure we exceed every service expectation. Especially critical to meet this end will be a strict adherence to delivery appointment schedules, order process accuracy, and fulfilling every shipping compliance feature for your merchandise.

Reverse Logistics

Planning, managing, and executing all phases of your supply chain with an effective, flexible, and cost efficient process is our daily goal here at impact. We service all front end operations for your business but also present the option for receiving, classifying, and disbursing your customer returns. Our reverse supply chain processes can return merchandise to a shippable state to satisfy future orders or design and manage a recycling program to dispose of any unwanted material or goods. In addition our SIP or self improvement process would approach your business with a engineered eye that highlights opportunities that will improve your bottom line and service your clients in a more effective manner.

Returns Authorization

Here at Impact we recognize the importance of developing or following a strict set of customer returns authorization codes that will enable you to run your business cycles and develop the systems needed to accurately classify all of the reasons for these returns and as a result enable the design of plans to minimize this sector of your business going forward. Impact has the knowledge and experience to help you design that system.


Another of Impacts core competencies is in packaging and establishing rework operations that can aid in returning these items to saleable units or accurately identifying flaws or defects are areas of the business we are familiar with.

Inventory Management

We will design a return to stock system that will enhance your ability to plan your material requirements in a concise and timely fashion.

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