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Precision, flexibility, and execution are all part of the culture here at Impact Fulfillment Services. Our full service supply chain team will engineer your products store display unit so that it’s appearance aids in increasing store purchases while making sure its sustainably effectiveness is unmatched. Impact’s experience in point of purchase display development is sure to excite shoppers and drive your sales numbers to new record setting highs. With over 800,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution capacity our team provides the ultimate in flexible scheduling insuring your product is received within the appointed delivery deadlines. Finally, our fulfillment team stands ready to meet all of your shipping and delivery requirements as we have ample experience satisfying all segments of the market. Mass, drug, and specialty store supply chain management is part of our normal daily operating schedule, we service them all, and our flawless execution will result in the type of supply chain service that guarantees your product meets all of every delivery date.

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Market Channel Design

Impact recognizes the competitive nature that exists in today’s market channels, so we provide the technology and processes to execute your supply chain demands with a concise, predictable, and cost effective method, certainly one that satisfies all of your business requirements. Our current portfolio of logistics solutions include service to all of the mass markets, drug chains, club stores, and we are staffed with associates certified and capable of handling all of your international shipping strategies.

Technical Integrations

One of Impacts primary considerations during the design phase of our partnership will be to develop a system integration that creates the necessary link between our companies so that a seamless line of communication exists between both parties and fulfills the full roster of business information required by all of your existing business units. We currently have active integrations with various systems including SAP where controlled ID and password applications allow us access to your appropriate process centers while ensuring your companies system security. Our IT associates stand ready to create the necessary interface between existing systems or Impact can design a web based solution that responds to all of your business needs. Impact’s team is ready to become an extension of your current operations or we can present you with new and innovative solutions that will satisfy all of your IT requirements. Impact stands ready to create the business processes capable of achieving all of your supply chain desires. We will execute your daily supply chain demands, as well as any new product launches or promotions without interruption. Our process controls assure that these added events will be handled seamlessly and without event. Finally at Impact, we design daily inventory reporting comparisons between us and our clients, it is part of our business philosophy where we design business solutions that provide transparency that increases your confidence in our applications.

Packaging Requirements

Impact’s packaging operations team has extensive experience with large shop-able pallet displays, “Point of Purchase Displays (POPs)”, shrink wrapping, sealed packaging (face sealing, clam shelling, and trapped blisters), and bundling. Equipment is available to produce sealed packages with both RF and heat requirements. In-Line Lot coding is an option for all assembly requirements.

Logistics Assessment

Whether its full pallet, full case, or broken case, Impact will design a solution that meets your supply chain demands. Direct to DC, direct to store, direct to a residence, this is the service that we can provide and that we will engineer into a service solution for your business needs. Our team will fully analyze all of your supply chain business requirements and design a logistics solution that finds you the appropriate order process method and most cost effective mode of transport to assure your merchandise is received in accordance with all customer specifications and arrives at the specified delivery appointment time and date.

In-DC Operations

Here at Impact our manufacturing and distributing operations are not limited to one of our existing facilities. We can start-up a manufacturing center within your current distribution center warehouse, or work in Tandem with your staff to enable a Greenfield start-up anywhere in the country. We have extensive experience installing IN-DC packaging centers, where we plan, purchase, warehouse, the raw material component parts until you require they be manipulated into finish good to meet your supply chain demands, than we simply produce the requested item and transfer it directly into to your distribution center. We can create this same type of IN-DC operation within your existing facility.

Customer Compliance

Impact understands and deals with the complexity of vendor compliance demands on a daily basis as some of our current partner’s ship to mass, drug, dept store, and warehouse centers throughout the country. From label placement, to sort and segregate, to color coding, impact deals with the directives and has access to most current compliance manuals for all of the major retail centers.


We are familiar with all modes of transportation and have extensive relationships with some of the more respected national full truck and LTL asset based carriers in the industry. In addition we conduct business on a regular basis with truckload freight brokers, small parcel shippers, Air, rail, parcel post, and international freight forwarders. Inclusive to our team are several associates that are skilled and certified as IATA / DOT professional’s cable of regulating your freight in the best prescribed manner relative to the aforementioned regulations. We can approach your business needs by managing your current network of carriers and apply your existing standards or we can engineer a freight solution that will execute your present cartage volume with best in class service to you or too your customers. We also present an option for either private fleet management or local delivery service.

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