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Planning & Procurement

Our full service planning professionals and procurement team will turn your products design into a fully functional store display. We supply all of the necessary planning tools including a fully functional Materials Requirements Planning system capable of performing as a full service planning and procurement service or we can integrated our MRP system into your companies control systems and become an extension of your operation. We will forecast your demand into our procurement strategies and then provide the kind of competitive material pricing strategies that will save you big money. With over 800,000 square feet of space, we guarantee timely receipt of your materials throughout the entire year. Again, our ability to leverage huge material buys will keep you in line with today’s highly competitive materials pricing arena, and our planners will provide the tools and intelligence needed to assure every product launch is a success.

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Materials Planning (MRP)

Impact Fulfillment Services, Inc. in conjunction with its’ full service Supply Chain Management offering, dedicates professional staff to materials planning, procurement, storage and deployment. The basis of our MRP system allows for systems integration with clients in house systems, allowing for data to run parallel and be subject to real time off site transaction confirmation. IFS has deployed a state of the art MRP system to enable inventory management second to none. Our MRP system combined with a historic 99% plus inventory accuracy system avoids those ‘late’ stage emergencies.


From the simplest model of an in and out one time project IFS is involved if required from design (both structural and graphics), forecasting demand, procurement of component parts and saleable open stock materials. Our process includes the most critical aspect coordination of the availability of all parts to ensure effective market penetration. Additionally demand planning can be performed via IFS thru interconnectivity with client generated sales requirements integrated with inventory positions.


Deployment of purchased materials between various work centers is a facet of Impact’s daily operation and a feature of our procurement profile that we manage for existing clients. While we consolidate material purchases to provide volume pricing for your component parts, we also provide system driven material deployment routines capable of routing your materials to required destinations.

Account Management

We use a team driven approach to manage your account. Our team will fully analyze your specific requirements. From product design, material planning, packaging, and all other supply chain considerations. We will insure that we exceed all of your expectations. Our partnership will be team based with a constant focus on quality and cost competiveness throughout every one of your business requirements. At Impact your success is our future.

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