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Is Contract Packaging Right For You?

Published: May 19, 2022   |   
by: ifs_admin   |   
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Is Contract Packaging Right For You?

Contract packaging services can help companies with a wide array of assistance. Companies of all specialties and sizes reach out to co-packing companies when they need help getting their products to market, fast and in bulk. Just like any business, not all co-packing companies offer the same services. A lot goes into third-party logistics. If you are considering partnering with a contract packaging company, there are a few things to consider first. Along with your own needs, it’s important for you to know some of the finer points of co-packing. A better understanding of what contract packaging services can offer you will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Primary and Secondary Packaging

Under the umbrella of contract packaging services, two of the biggest categories are primary and secondary packaging. One is for the safety of the product while the other is more to do with branding and aesthetic while sometimes lending itself to utility.
Primary packaging is the first thing that goes on the product and the last thing that comes off. Prime examples of primary packaging include the tubes that contain cosmetics like lipstick and mascara. The primary packaging of a product usually holds the brand name and logo. Everything from the bottles that hold vitamins to the aluminum can that carries your favorite soda is primary packaging.

Secondary packaging has more to do with bundling and transportation. This contract packaging service helps get bulk products from warehouse to store. Shrinkwrap, cardboard boxes, and plastic ties are all elements of secondary packaging. Secondary packaging is about protecting the primary packaging and product during transit. Secondary packaging also sometimes lends itself to branding. If you take a look at the cosmetics aisle in any store you’ll see rows of products that have primary and secondary packaging. A tube of mascara wrapped in plastic and cardboard with brand and product information has secondary packaging.
Not all products require secondary packaging, which could be why not all companies offer this contract packaging service. While these are two important elements of a co-packing company, the right company will do even more.

Fulfillment and Distribution

Finding a co-packing company that goes the extra mile can be a game-changer. Some co-packers will only pack and store your product. These are vital services but are kind of the baseline for contract packaging services. A top-tier co-packing company will help your company with the fulfillment and distribution of your product. Orders will go straight to the warehouse, completed, and shipped out.
Using a reliable third-party logistic, or 3PL will be an investment in your company’s future. Bringing on the right co-packing company will put the creation, packaging, and distribution of your product in professional hands.

The Right Partner

Not every co-packing company is a one-stop-shop when it comes to services. Some offer cherry-pick services or simply don’t have the space or experience to do it all. But Impact Fulfillment Services really does do it all.

Impact Fulfillment Services (IFS) offers everything under the contract packaging services umbrella. With top-of-the-line facilities, highly trained staff, and a detailed system that keeps track of every step of the co-packing process, IFS guarantees that no corners will be cut. By trusting IFS with your product it will hit the market safely and look better than ever.

Contract packaging services cover a lot of things and take a lot of stress off of your company—if you find the right partner. Deciding whether your company is ready for a co-packer can be a big step. There are a lot of things to consider internally before even exploring co-packing options.
If you are wondering whether or not contract packaging is right for you, get in touch with the IFS team.

About IFS as a 3PL

Impact Fulfillment Services is a top 3PL that offers everything your company could need. Our facilities are state of the art and our process is completely streamlined. From fulfillment to distribution, and warehousing in between, IFS has the experience and tools to keep your product safe and up to industry standards. IFS documents every detail of production and packaging, so no corners are cut. Our use of primary and secondary packaging ensures that your product is not only safe but that it is as eye-catching as possible when it hits the shelves. With all the best technology and finely trained teams, IFS is a 3PL you can count on.


To learn more about our 3PL services, speak to a specialist!

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