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Contract Packaging or In-House Packaging?

Published: Oct 25, 2022   |   
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With contract packaging services, getting your product packaged is a big job and comes with many decisions. Depending on your business, there can be many moving parts regarding packaging. When you’re just starting, it’s easier to do it yourself. But what happens when you begin to outgrow your usual facility? If you find yourself in that position, it might be time to consider contract packaging. Contract packaging companies take the burden of production and packaging off your hands. Let’s look at some of the differences and pros and cons between keeping packaging in-house and moving up to contract packaging.


  • Pros: No one knows your business better than you. You started everything and know how things need to be done. There is more control in keeping the production and packaging of your goods in-house. You can keep an eye on every aspect of production. You are your quality control and assurance department when you keep packaging in-house.
  • Cons: The only problem with continuing to do it all yourself is the time it costs. If you’re the only one handling your businesses’ production and packaging, then a good chunk of your time goes. Packaging is time-consuming, especially if you’re aiming for brand consistency and mass appeal. Keeping everything in-house also means that you are limited in the order size you can complete. Outsourcing your packaging process allows you to take more time to develop the rest of your brand and reach out to potential customers and vendors.

Controlling your entire production line seems like the best option, but co-packing has the edge. Bringing a contract packaging company into your operation frees up your time and allows for greater production volume.


  • Pros: By controlling your production, you also have better control over its costs. Of course, you’re still at the mercy of the market regarding materials that go into production and packaging. But even with that in mind, you have the option to edit and manage costs by doing everything in-house. Balancing out price between production and distribution can be mitigated in-house.
  • Cons: Contract packaging has the potential to be more expensive than in-house production, but it’s not a guarantee. Many co-packing services utilize a flat or per-unit rate. These rates are usually fixed, so you can always count on paying that amount. You won’t have to worry about the extra costs of containers or other packaging materials. Your co-packing partner will take care of all of your packaging needs. Finding an exemplary contract packaging service can take time and research, but that’s true of anything in business.

The pricing scales of contract packaging services might seem a little daunting, but it can save you big in the end. You’ll be making up for what you’ll be paying for in production in other aspects. It also promotes growth. If the current size of your orders is too small for your consumers, you know you can upgrade that service and increase supply.


  • Pros: If you are handling the production of your goods in-house, that likely means you’re also delivering it to market. You are responsible for getting your product to the masses. By keeping that in your control, you can be sure that everything is getting to your consumer safely and in one piece.
  • Cons: Much like the pros and cons of quality, distribution follows those same lines. Certain co-packing services will also handle distribution for you, taking one more thing off your plate. Bringing on help with packaging also allows you to cast a more expansive distribution net. Where before you might have been limited to your own car’s tank of gas, a co-packer opens miles and miles of opportunity. And as we all know, accidents and mistakes happen. Just because the product is in your hands doesn’t mean it will get to market any safer than it would with a co-packer. Co-packers have more means to keep your products safe in transit than you do alone.

Trusting contract packaging services with your product might seem scary, but it’s safer than you think. Because they are in the packaging and shipping business, they know exactly what to do to get things safely from A to B. Get your product to more people safer and faster than you could on your own.

Packaging Options

  • Pro: Deciding precisely what you want your product to look like is a long, arduous process. There’s tons of trial and error to ensure everything is correct. You get to decide how everything looks every time before it hits the market. This comes back to QAQC and keeping things on brand.
  • Cons: Keeping things in-house seriously limits your options outside of brand design. As an in-house operation, the odds of having access to the same equipment as a co-packing company are slim. If your product requires blister packaging or shrink wrapping, you’re better off reaching out to a co-packing company. Many contract packaging services will even help you with branding if you need it.

Aside from putting hand-made personal touches on the finished product, co-packing has the definite upper hand. Trusting a contract packaging service means you can level-up your packaging across the board. Create more eye-catching branding, safer containers, and better packages all around.

When looking for the right co-packing company, look no further than IFS.

As a leader in the co-packing industry, IFS has top-of-the-line equipment and technology. IFS doesn’t follow industry standards, they set them. Not only will they make your product look great, but they’ll keep it safe and ensure you are satisfied. IFS can handle any of your packaging needs with a reasonable price tag attached. If you have questions or inquiries about the services provided by IFS, chat with a packaging specialist now.

About IFS as a 3PL
Impact Fulfillment Services (IFS) is a full-service 3PL and Contract Packaging partner offering customized Omni-channel solutions for established and emerging brands. Our Concept to Checkout focus helps grow your business by increasing speed and flexibility while minimizing risks to your supply chain.

To learn more about our 3PL services, speak to a specialist!

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