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What is a Point of Purchase Display?

Published: May 25, 2022   |   
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There’s no doubt you’ve been in a grocery store or a warehouse club and seen a big point of purchase display for paper towels or chips just before you get to the register. These big, eye-catching displays draw the consumer in, even if it wasn’t what they were looking for. These displays are called point of purchase (or POP) displays. POP displays are designed to drive sales of a specific product and brand. They are a clever marketing strategy that puts products front and center outside of their regular retail space.

Types of POP Displays

There are a few ways to set up a point of purchase display. The most common is the free-standing displays with big signage and plenty of products. There are more subtle POP displays, like shelf stoppers. These are aisle end caps that use pre-existing shelf space for just one product. A POP can also consist of a smaller display that relies on promotional signage over an abundance of products.

POP displays can also be digital in certain spaces. If a store or retail space is properly equipped, a POP display can easily be presented on a screen. This can be as simple as a short reel or commercial with a shelf or two of the promoted product.

Each type of POP has its benefits. The right kind of POP display depends on the product and retail space.

POP Permanence

Some POP displays last longer than others. We’re all familiar with those big stadiums made of soda cans that pop up around Super Bowl time. Those are prime examples of temporary displays because they only last a few weeks. A semi-permanent lasts a few months, things like s’more supplies in the summertime. Permanent POP displays are exactly what they sound like. These displays are fixtures in the store and last for years. Think of these as an extension of the aisle you can normally find the display product.

The Importance of POP Displays

A POP display is all about driving sales and creating awareness. They’re the perfect way of getting your product to stand out by having it stand alone. Because of the typical location of POP displays, the products they are promoting are hard to miss. This gets your product in front of everyone who enters the store. That means that those who are brand loyal have easier access, and those who have never tried your product have the perfect opportunity to do so. POP displays make it as easy as possible for anyone to engage with your product.

Point of Purchase displays are simple but extremely effective as marketing tactics. There’s no easier way to get people to engage in your product than putting it in an unavoidable line of sight. Depending on the location, your product could be the first thing people see when they enter and the last thing they see before checkout. It is hard to imagine a marketing tactic that requires so little effort but nets such wonderful results in boosting purchasing numbers.

Point of Purchase Displays with IFS

IFS is one of the most comprehensive contract packaging entities out there. Not only does IFS handle primary and secondary packaging, but POP displays as well. With IFS, your product will be taken care of from production to POP, in expert hands every step of the way. You can bet that your POP display is being handled and designed in a way that will optimize consumer interaction. Point of purchase displays are invaluable to product and brand promotion. Rather than trying to learn all of the POP display best practices, let the masters at IFS take care of it for you.

About IFS as a 3PL

Impact Fulfillment Services is a top 3PL that offers everything your company could need. Our facilities are state of the art and our process is completely streamlined. From fulfillment to distribution, and warehousing in between, IFS has the experience and tools to keep your product safe and up to industry standards. IFS documents every detail of production and packaging, so no corners are cut. Our use of primary and secondary packaging ensures that your product is not only safe but that it is as eye-catching as possible when it hits the shelves. With all the best technology and finely trained teams, IFS is a 3PL you can count on.


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