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The Importance of Quality Control in Co-Packing

Published: Apr 20, 2021   |   
by: Todd Porterfield   |   
Category: Co-Packing
Quality Control in Co-Packing

The mark of a good co-packer is their commitment to quality control. A co-packer worth their salt knows what it takes to meet your needs, without fail, time after time. Quality control is a big draw when it comes to co-packing….you want assurance that your product is in good hands if you’re taking this kind of jump. A co-packer can have all the bells and whistles out there, but the importance of quality control is of the utmost importance. After all, if the co-packer misses the mark on quality, what good are the resulting products?

Quality Control

Quality, Inventory, and Safety are our #1 core competencies at IFS. As such IFS has made investments in supporting people, systems, and processes to ensure these competencies are consistently delivered day in and day out. Every hour, on the hour, we audit the lines and resulting output to make sure everything is correct, and records are retained to demonstrate when and what was audited. Audit data is further analyzed to assess what preventive and corrective measures can be taken to ensure we continuously improve on our Quality expectations and deliverables. Having and retaining longstanding co-packing relationships, with highly demanding TOP Tier Customers, is a testament to our commitment to being BEST-IN-CLASS related to what we produce.

Keeping tabs on our entire process, start to finish, keeps this ship sailing smoothly.

Quality control should not end with the product a co-packer produces. The facility that is taking care of your product should be clean as a whistle with its own sets of checks and balances to maintain that cleanliness. Over the years at IFS, we have refined our entire process to make everything—from process to technology—as streamline as possible. Everything in an IFS facility is tracked and double-checked, right down to the bathroom being cleaned. We hold the quality of our facilities extremely high, so you can trust us to do the same with your merchandise.

Knowing that your product is being taken care of by a squeaky clean operation is a serious monkey off a lot of businesses’ backs.

Delivering One Standard

A co-packer that has their client’s best interests at heart will treat every product they get their hands on with the same quality of care. At IFS, we provide one standard of care—the gold standard. For years, we have been working with a Fortune 100 company to fulfill orders across their brands. That same FDA-based quality control is brought to every client that chooses to call us their co-packer.

Guaranteeing one standard of care makes for unbeatable consistency in production. Ensuring that one lofty level of quality control is held means an elevated product for companies on the rise. Because we’re so used to taking care of high-profile brands, up-and-coming businesses know they’re in for top-tier treatment. We are proud to be partnered with Fortune 100 companies and know that our experiences and procedures will lend well to your needs as well.

Cherry-picking services when it comes to quality control are only going to end up costing you more in the long run.

Good, fast, or cheap.

There’s an old saying in the service industry, you have three options; cheap, good, and fast. These are your only options and you can only have two. You can have good and cheap, but it won’t be fast. Good and fast won’t come cheap. And on and on. This is usually said about restaurants, but you get the idea of how it applies to co-packing and quality control.
For some businesses, quantity is what they’re looking for over quality—and more often than not they get what they paid for, and then have to pay more. If you compromise on quality control, the potential for trouble and mishandles is much greater. Paying to backtrack (i.e. tearing everything down and starting from scratch) is going to cost you more in time, resources, and actual money than getting it right the first time would have.

A lot of people go the route of fast and cheap, but reliable quality control, good and fast, is actually the key to money-saving.

Mutually Assured Success

When it comes to co-packing, everyone involved has a reputation and brand to protect. Quality control is part and parcel of making sure that everyone involved in the process comes out smelling like roses. When you sign on with us we become a part of your brand, and it’s one we intend to build right along with you. If you’ve gotten to the point where you need co-packing services you’ve done plenty of stuff right—especially if you’re working with IFS.

We, and any co-packer for that matter, are an extension of your brand. The quality control services of a co-packer are essential in putting the best foot of your company forward. Your co-packer should want nothing more than your success, and that should start and end with making sure every box is checked and all T’s are crossed.

The relationship between client and co-packer is mutually beneficial. A co-packer without clients is just a facility full of employees twiddling their thumbs. When we package your product and send it out into the world we are showing your consumer our best work.

Quality control should be a top priority for both the client and co-packer. With the best quality control mandates in place, a co-packer will be able to save you money, elevate your product, and build you up. A co-packer centered on quality control is less likely to drop the ball, which has the potential to pay for itself in the long run.

The benefits of quality control are far-reaching and can help in aspects of your company that you probably hadn’t considered before. Not only are you getting help with the production part of your business, but you’re also getting a whole new branch of your business that wants your success.

At the end of the day, the right co-packer should care about your product as much as you do.

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