With its extensive facilities covering over 650,000 square feet, Impact Fulfillment Services has the capacity to fulfill and distribute any size of program needed. That’s why so many national and global brands choose IFS to handle their most time-sensitive and labor-intensive projects. We have the professionally managed warehousing space available to handle any project efficiently and cost effectively, no matter what timeframe you’re working with.

Every item that comes through the Impact system is assigned its own distinct License Plate Number (LPN) for tracking purposes. With 100% bar code scanning capability, IFS is structured to maintain close track of every LPN inventory element throughout the logistics and fulfillment process. Using our High Bay and Bulk storage areas, we know everything about each LPN item at all times, so our client partners are always aware of what is in our possession. Continuous quality checks are also part of our warehousing processes, to assure 100% integrity of all materials entering and leaving the IFS warehouse complex.

Beyond physical warehousing, IFS also maintains electronic records warehousing of all project transactions for long-term reference and analysis. We provide our customers with technology tools that enhance supply chain management and provide 100% visibility of inventory. Access to proprietary client data is strictly secured and available to our client partners only through password-protected systems designed into our system, which is security-monitored on a 24/7 basis.

Accountability and timely service is the cornerstone of our warehouse control system (WCS) here at Impact. All of our service centers come equipped with real time bar coded scan controls, where customized icon driven touch screens execute the movement of your merchandise in a controlled, concise, and efficient manner. Password security access, real time transactions, and toll gate style transaction controls are all instituted as ways to provide our customers merchandising solutions a greater level of accountability and confidence. Temperature controlled warehouse centers are available if needed as we currently partner with several medical and pharmaceutical clients who demand regulated temperature settings along with temperature monitoring equipment to assure their merchandise remains within the appropriate ranges. Our team will customize a process that allows concise and timely receipt of your merchandise and build in the flexibility needed for the future growth of your business.

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