Lean Distribution

Lean distribution principals are applied to all process centers here at Impact and our associate’s are constantly charged with removing non-value add activities and looking to uncover synergies in your business centers that will improve service, reduce operating expenses ,and streamline your operations.

Combining state-of-the-art technology, proprietary logistical systems and long-term expertise in the distribution industry, Impact acts as a single-source provider that helps you grow your business across a broad variety of marketing and promotional initiatives. With over 55,000 pallet locations and 96 dock doors, we are uniquely prepared to deliver what you need, where you need it … on time and on budget.

IFS handles both LTL and Full Truck Load shipments every day, processing the receipt, control, sorting, selecting and packaging, order selection and end delivery of goods and products. Our qualified team of logistics and fulfillment experts efficiently manage thousands of products that flow through our doors each and every day, because our proven inventory accuracy allows for accurate material pulls at all times. Impact is also fully EDI capable, enabling us to integrate with existing order processing and inventory management systems of any size customer. Our proprietary software allows us to create forms and inventory tracking processes based on each client’s existing system, making it simple to work with IFS – we take care of it all, so there’s no complicated software to incorporate and no aggravating problems to deal with.