Multi-channel Programs

Today’s retail environment is in an almost constant state of flux. Consumers are now able to find the products they want in a greater number of retail locations than ever, so the most successful companies must adjust their marketing and promotional efforts to take full advantage of the changing retail landscape.

Impact Fulfillment Services has first-hand experience and extensive history with every channel of distribution your products will likely appear in. Our expertise across multiple channels means we clearly understand each unique display and shipping platform required by each channel. Whether your customer is a big box retailer with 1000 stores, a club store with 200 locations, a Drug store chain with 5000 stores or a specialty retailer with 20 sites … or all of the above … Impact can meet your logistics and distribution needs.

When you need experts you can depend on … experts that have successfully placed promotional programs across multiple channels time after time … look to Impact for successful execution you can count on.

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