Club Store Programs

The national growth and expansion of Club Stores has altered the retail landscape like no other new channel. Moreover, real consumer spending continues to show just how important this channel will be for IFS customers, who must create programs that take maximum advantage of the intricacies inherent in Club Store selling.

Every Club Store account has uniquely different requirements, so you need a partner that knows exactly how to create successful programs in every location. How can Impact be a valued asset in a world of big packaging, oversized clamshells and huge graphic panels? By addressing the very unique specifications of Club Stores with hands-on development experience in:

  • PDQ Shelf Programs
  • Pallet Displays
  • Graphic Alternatives
  • Structural Engineering Support

We use a variety of materials and processes such as:

  • Heat shrinking
  • Shrink banding
  • Blister sealing
  • RF sealing
  • Corrugated
  • Clamshells

For products that need to be:

  • Reduced
  • Reused
  • Recycled

At Impact, we get it. And we get it especially right in Club Stores.

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