Packaging & Assembly

Packaging and assembly remain Impacts central service and it remains Impact Fulfillments primary service.  It is here where our clients merchandise is produced and always with the highest level of quality possible to meet all requirements.

Our highly trained employees and technically unsurpassed packaging systems provide both the human and technical expertise that results in meeting or very often exceeding our customer’s expectations.  Impact Fulfillment Services employs a Continual Improvement Program (CIP) where Lean manufacturing expertise is engineered into every one of our client’s merchandising units, resulting in what we call a “Lean Dividend” or simply said a process by which we guarantee your item will be manufactured within “Best in Class” industry standards. Organizational teamwork and effective communication remain strengths here at Impact and working closely with our customers and continually improving overall work processes remains a normal service.

We will utilize our customer supplied specifications along with our industry experience to consistently supply finished products and information that satisfies our customer expectations.

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