Structural Design

Impacts full service design center is ready to incorporate your merchandising needs into a fully functional store display unit. We design the unit, obtain all materials needed to build it, and finally, after production, we assure that your goods are provided with best in class delivery service, either to your clients DC, their storefront, or customers doorstep. You see, at Impact we provide all the solutions.

There are lots of display design companies that do a good job with corrugated, permanent, temporary and shelf displays. But Impact is much more than a mere display design company, because there is one truth in our industry: Great display manufacturers are not great fulfillment companies.

Your goal in outsourcing your most important promotional display programs is likely to involve securing partners who can create the most efficient and impactful solutions to your challenges. At Impact, we are that kind of unique partner, focused on fast turnaround, high throughput, and the ability to flex up and down as your schedule requires. The question is who you would rather have handling your product: a display company or a company that has the total expertise to efficiently build and fulfill your promotional initiatives across lots of different scenarios ...

  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Store fixture
  • Shelf displays
  • Floor displays
  • End caps
  • Wing units
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