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Just in time for…

Published: Jun 8, 2020   |   
by: ImpactFS   |   
Category: IFS Blog

 Just-in-Time to brainstorm and take action.

Supply Chains keeps struggling as covid-19 second wave is projected and other complex domestics and global matters effect everyone; the most important is in the way we respond to those challenges. Financial outlets keeps reporting that cargo volumes are dropping by 25% – 30% or more during Q1 and  Q2 2020 — Needless to say an economic impact in the tens of billions of dollars for all industries. There are many global and governmental efforts in order to minimize impact but most importantly is how we react to it and how we control what it is on our reach and influence their outcome.

US cargo ports registered declines in container volumes during Q1 – Q2 2020, GDP -5% during Q1 Exports -20.5% Imports -13.7% with only modest improvement forecasted for the second half of the year due to shy peak season we will experience.


As predicted  there will be  a period of uncertainty but we should plan for at least a modest Q3 before we start seeing an slow recovery, we will see capacity shortages, premium rates and much more in Q4 and your supply chain partnership will be 100% tested. Here is the good news; there are a lot opportunities; if you have had a difficult Q1, Q2 then most likely Q3 and Q4 would be the same unless you change ” For things to change we have to change”

In these modern-days massive action matters

We keep our fingers on the pulse on market conditions and still the consensus is that companies depend on  partnerships that offer them flexibility, companies with the human talent and technological tools  to help you to go through present tough times

Ask your present or future supply chain partner that besides monitoring actual circumstances  what else can they offer you? in order to succeed in 2020.  

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