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IFS July 2020 Newsletter – MOVING FORWARD

Published: Jul 8, 2020   |   
by: ImpactFS   |   
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During these unprecedented times, IFS continues to see opportunity to deliver new value to our customers and shareholders.  Through enhanced transparency forums and a nimble systematic approach, our teams are able to scale to volumes, though labor constraints and compliance challenges are present.  This is accomplished through fostering strategic and sound relationships with our most valued customers, employees and vendors.  IFS takes an approach of delivering value through relationship, and truly being an extension and appreciated partner to all we serve.  Covid-19 has had a significant impact on businesses that were not deemed priority – essential businesses, and as a result shipments were delayed or altogether put on hold.  Due to the fact that all of IFS locations service priority -essential businesses, and supply chain is considered essential, we have been able to continue to safely service the needs of our customers despite the pandemic.  Through daily collaborations with our customers, we work to understand the everchanging rules of the game, prioritize the work around challenge at hand, and continue to exceed expectations.  All of this can only be accomplished by having the support of our valued workforce.  Our employees are informed and engaged in our solutions related to all health and safety measures, as to address their concerns and provide a workplace where they feel safe.  IFS is proud to serve our loyal and dedicated employees and as a result can continue to have a positive IMPACT on our customers Brand, Time and Bottom-line.  

Market Updated | Brief highlights:

CPG Business Intelligence, business leaders and researchers predictions for remaining Q3 & Q4 2020 :

  • Brands that excel in an amazing shopping experience will cashin over brands that struggle with their supply chains
  • Eco-friendly product & packaging are in demand as the emphasis on sustainability influences purchase habits
  • Healthy food and beverage will impact purchase decisions specially among adults
  • Digital experience is increasing as many APPs arrive to the marketplace to enhance the customer experience (grocery pick up or delivery).
  • Strong sales growth is projected for clubs/subscription type products –  DTC


Consumers are and expect to continue using:

51In-app ordering

45Home delivery

41Live chat/chatbot/voice assistant

35Virtual consultation

  • Companies’ supply chain focus on protecting the continuous flow despite any pandemic relying on MEC (Metro ecommerce Centers) that improve transit times and deliver smaller replenish quantities for metro areas and maintaining the shelf availability without having large inventories. 
  • Service providers adopting technology to digitize supply chain networks including IoT in order to improve their client base experience, shaping  a different dynamic for planning, production, distribution  and fulfillment of products. 

3PLs and Forwarders  are preparing for 4PL as competitors

As 4PLs emerge more and more, they may be considered an alternative  in the marketplace and competitors to established players providing , relabelled as logistics service providers. Those providers are essentially reselling floorspace and transport capacity as a commodity in an increasingly competitive market, with ever decreasing margins.



The number of people not in the labor force who currently wants a job, at 8.2 million, declined by 767,000 in June but remained 3.2 million higher than in February. These individuals were not counted as unemployed because they were not actively looking for work during the last 4 weeks or were unavailable to take a job.



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