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IFS August 2020 Newsletter | The Power of a Network

Published: Aug 12, 2020   |   
by: ImpactFS   |   
Category: Newsletter

 In the mid ‘70s FedEx started with 24 packages, delivering to the closest surrounding Memphis area.  They began connecting the dots and within ten years they had $10B in revenue and Impacted the small parcel industry. In the ‘90s Netscape as a startup company launched their product and found out 1’5M subscribers the very next day; there are many stories like that, and the common denominator is always the power of the network. A network often is represented by a tree or spider web to explain some level of complexity in a simple way (corporation org chart, collaboration matrix etc.) Network and Networking Impact positively our daily life.

In today’s challenging situations, companies rely on a DC in either side of the country; this is not the best strategic game plan to deliver their product quicker, in the most cost-effective manner and/or to gain market share needed to remain in the high competitive marketplace.

How to take advantage of the power of A network effect:

Starting with the right foundation mix

  • People
  • Product
  • Service

Build a unique value proposition

Partner with the right service provider that offers you a strategic footprint

Partner with the right service provider that offers you end to end solution

Partner with the right service provider that offers you 21st century tech resources

Retain actual clients

Strive for operational excellence

Create a win/win supply chain solution

2020 Peak Season 

We need to face the new reality; earlier peak season, new consumer behavior, equipment shortages, GRIs, limited warehouse space etc. Anticipation is power therefore prepare your supply chain for and additional stress-test in Q3 and Q4 and partner with the right service providers because anyone can move brown boxes around

Understanding you vision, meeting your goals and over exceeding   expectations is a different story.

ecommerce has grown YoY and this year it would not be the exception; expectations for 2020 peak season is to grow about 20% which will bring about $800B  in sales, realistically; Is every company ready for it? Sadly the answer is No. Do not get behind, take an action Today! and Impact your bottomline.

  • Optimize for more efficient operations
  • Complete E2E visibility 
  • Integrate the right technology, solution and systems for you.
  • Strategic footprint 


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