Our Culture

At Impact, we focus on improving and growing our core business through teamwork and continuous quality training for every associate. Every member of the IFS team has direct access to our management, because we don't close our doors and we don't screen our calls. We are a company that truly cares about our associates, because it is all of us together who constantly find better ways to handle a process or improve a procedure.

Our associate-centered culture is one that brings our IFS team closer together, whether it's through a suggestion box that is truly used, frequent opportunities to enjoy meals around our outdoor grill, charitable contributions and service activities we support as a company, or special recognition of extraordinary successes by our team members. IFS is a rare company driven by its most important asset, its people.

We know how hard it is to convince companies to use new vendors and at Impact we encourage one thing: visit us. Don't even plan in advance; just let us know when you can come and we'll give you a personalized tour that reflects all of the Impact we create every day. You'll see first-hand how we can deliver the fulfillment services and results you're looking for, in an environment that encourages teamwork-oriented precision and a commitment to unmatched quality in all we do.

Visit just once and you'll quickly realize that this is a company people are proud to work for. That says it all ... where else would you want to place your product?