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The history of Impact Fulfillment Services is one of remarkable growth driven by a focus on total customer satisfaction and proven results across a wide range of services. That growth continues to this day.

Located at the center of the I-85/I-95 East Coast corridor, Impact Fulfillment Services was founded by Todd Porterfield in July of 1998. Beginning with just three full-time people and a 5,000 square-foot warehouse, by the end of that very first year IFS had already expanded to over 45,000 square feet and had generated almost $1,000,000 in revenue with a staff of eight full-time associates.

For IFS, each year has been bigger and better than the last. Today, Impact Fulfillment Services has a permanent staff of almost 70 associates and also provides opportunities for several hundred temporary workers throughout the year. As IFS reaches the end of its first successful decade, it is proud to recognize that its significant capabilities and teamwork-oriented perspective are the two most important assets that IFS provides to client partners.